Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top tips for buying life insurance online

When looking to purchase life insurance online, whilst there are many players in this space, only very few really deliver with true to label online services. Unfortunately for you the consumer, many of the players are merely gathering details to pass to a sales person to follow-up in their time.Our experience with online life insurance is that consumers are seeking real-time immediate information and premium calculations to enable them to make decisions on the spot.

Life insurance can be a very emotive purchase and if you have recognised this need you should be able to deal with it immediately.Be prepared. Know what your insurance needs really are (types of cover and sums insured) before you get into product specifics.

The best way to calculate your sum insured is to use an online life insurance calculator (of which there are many). Use your search engine to find the best for you.Utilise the power of your search engine and enter key words such as life insurance, life insurance quotes, Top 10 insurance quotes, online insurance, income protection, online life insurance. While there is value in the organic listings, pay attention to the sponsored links, as these are organisations that have committed to investing in this space through sponsorship and are usually specialists in their field, who may also offer discounts when purchasing through them.

Once you have searched and clicked onto a website in your country you need to make sure that you are looking at a website which enables you to:
* Compare and access multiple insurance companies policies.
* Access different types of personal insurance such as life insurance, income protection and trauma insurance.
* Have real time instant comparative quotes, rather than just providing your details to a sales person to follow-up.
* Gain independent comparative product research.
* Access relevant consumer documentation such as Product Disclosure Statements (PDS).
* View the organisations credentials and qualifications

Make sure when looking at these sites, that you are purchasing comprehensive life insurance, which covers death from any cause not merely an accident. Some companies will advertise that you can apply online without the need for any medical history, usually this typically only covers you if death is caused by an accident.

Major insurance companies will always want to know about your medical history prior to issuing a full insurance policy.It's your life, and you should be in control of the process.

You should also be aware that you can usually only purchase life insurance from a country that you are a resident of.If you follow the above steps you should be able to achieve a more than satisfactory outcome for you and your life insurance requirements.
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